Moving to Valencia?

Moving to Valencia? Start your journey here.

Wether you move to Valencia as an individual or you need to transit your employee we help you and your family on every aspect of your relocation to Valencia. There are a ton of things to wade through and we take that out of your hands. So that you instantly enjoy your new adventure. Valencia is such a surprising, sparkling city. As well as its amazing surroundings. Why not emerge yourself in that immediately and let us do all those tedious tasks for you.

We are a friendly international Relocation company with over 20 years combined personal experience living in Spain. We have assisted many clients over the years to settle happily into Valencia. See what our clients say about us. We will use all our knowledge to ease every step of your relocation by assisting you with:

  • Buying or renting a house in Valencia
  • Schools and nursery care for your children
  • Health insurance and medical care for your family
  • Cityhall registration and residence cards (NIE)
  • Utilities and professional services
  • Translation services
  • Legal advice
  • Shipping of furniture, cars and pets
  • Car registration
  • Transfer of driver’s licence

… and many other essential tasks. At moving2valencia we aim to meet your individual needs by providing flexible relocation packages tailored to your personal requirements. Please see our Relocation Services page for full details of the services that we are able to offer you.

Whether you are moving to Spain for business or pleasure, moving2valencia will help you feel at home in no time.

At moving2valencia we speak four languages (English, Spanish, Dutch and German), so we can communicate with you in your own language as well as providing written and spoken translation services.


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