Pre-move assistance

Orientation Tour / Pre-Move Assistance

During the 4 hour orientation tour we show you all the vibrant potential neighborhoods in Valencia or around. Imagine yourself waking up every morning enjoying your Spanish breakfast with cafe con leche at your favorite bar nearby. Easy to find because the city is filled with more than 3000 cafes, terraces, restaurants, bars. Or let yourself surprise every day with the stunning sea- and mountain views just outside Valencia. All that will be part of your life soon.

We share with you all our local knowledge about the different neighborhoods and what is out there such as that nice restaurant, theaters, shopping center, medical center, public transport and very important the different possibilities in schools for your children.

  • An orientation tour is a great effective way to get to know Valencia and its stunning surroundings in a short time
  • Included are 1 or 2 house-visits based on your preferences so that you already get the feeling of how it is to actually live here
  • You can immediately narrow down the house hunting in your preferred living area
  • It saves you valuable time and in just 4 hours you know so much more about Valencia than if you would go on your own
  • We will  ‘bomb’  you with a lot of useful information about all aspects of your relocation to Valencia
  • You are better prepared to make the wonderful move to Valencia.

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