School finding

Finding a school for your children  may sound simple but it is quit a daunting task when moving to Valencia, Spain. And of course it is one of your mayor concerns when moving to a new country.  From our own experience we know that most of the time kids don´t like changing schools. Finding the perfect fit for your kids is a crucial part of the move.

Public schools versus private schools? Castellano and Valencian language? We answer your questions on every subject and guide you through the whole enrolment procedure, from start until the first schooldays of your kids.  In order to enrol your children at the public schools you must get the enrol permission from the education authorities first. Again some bureacratic hassle to go through. We are here for you to assist you on every step. We arrange interviews and visits with the schools you selected and, once you have made a decision, help you to register your child there.

  • Assist you at the education authorities
  • School pre-selection & visits
  • Assist you when having the interviews with the teachers
  • Filling out the enrolment papers