School finding

Ensuring your children are settled into new schools that best fit their needs and goals, is a truly important step to securing their continued ease and effectiveness. Not to mention, your own peace of mind.

We know most kids understandably struggle with these transitions, as a new school implies not just a proper education system, but also their new community of friends and educators.

At Moving2Valencia we’re committed to making this process as successful and serene for you as possible. Having experienced it personally, we thoroughly understand the nuances and struggles this can present for everyone.

But there are many great options in Valencia. And many key considerations to navigate, which we are expertly prepared to assist you with.

Whether it’s considering public vs. private institutions, special needs, languages, subject and extra-curricular preferences, we will accompany you every step of the way.

And once you’ve made your choice, we will also facilitate for you the enrollment process, teacher interviews and the like.

Here’s what we include, but ask us for additional expertise, which we can offer:

  • Assist you with registration with the Valencian education authorities
  • School pre-selection & visits
  • Assist you with teacher interviews
  • Filling out the enrolment papers