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Dave Shotbolt and family
May 2018 – January 2019

Christa supported my family in relocating from London to Valencia. Her help was instrumental in finding a home, registering at the town hall and enrolling our eldest son into a school. I was in regular contact with Christa as she managed all this of this whilst I continued to work in London. All appointments were arranged for us – I just had to fly over a couple of times to attend appointments and sign papers. Christa also supported us in gaining residency by providing us with advice about the documentation we required for the appointment – we managed to get residency cards on the same day as the appointment (I’ve heard that this is very rare as you normally need to come back with more documents!). I would happily recommend Christa’s services to others relocating to Valencia.

January 2019

Christa helped us with town hall and school registration. She is very professional and experienced. Having her in your side makes the relocation much easier.Both are kids love their school and their teachers.
She cares about her customers and provide the 5-starts quality service. I would recommend her.

Valerie Jones
Canada, September 2018

We hired Christa to assist us in relocating from Canada to Valencia. We were confused by the process of getting our residence cards and needed help!
Christa was amazing and made the process so easy. She booked our appointments for city hall and for the TIE, filled out all necessary forms and paid the fees. All we had to do was show up! She came with us to our appointments and translated for us.
Christa is very kind and patient, and she made the process easy and enjoyable.  If you are relocating, we highly recommend Christa.

Phillip A Brown
USA, July 2018

Several months before we relocated from the United States to Spain, I contacted several relocation services to enquire about what they offered and the price structure.  Christa’s answer was the most straightforward and easiest to understand, which made the right impression.  She also said that even though there was a menu of prices for particular services rendered, that she always charged for actual time spent.  So, if something took a less time, the charges would also be less.  Based upon the clear answers and her flexibility, she was our first choice.  We have certainly not regretted making that choice.  From the very beginning she displayed professionalism, integrity and expertise.  And underneath it all there was a friendliness and sense of humor that made working with her an enjoyable experience.  Through every step of the relocation process, she obviously knew exactly what to do to avoid problems and get the job done.  She was more help than either my wife or I expected, and in the process, she became a friend, as well.  We now look forward to doing things with her from time to time on a purely social level.  She is a joy!

Rebekka Arkudas
Eurofins, Hamburg / Germany, Sept 2017 – March 2018

I considered moving to Valencia first time mid last year (2017). Especially relating to my demanding job it was clear to me, that without a reliable person organizing everything for me on site, I would never be able to do this step.
I found Christa on the internet and had a first call with her. She was very responsive and due to her own experience and experience with clients, she understood exactly my thoughts and worries. Already there I felt comfortable to put her in charge of my relocation. This was proven true during the past months. It actually never felt like a business relationship as her service was far in excess of what I expected. I can only deeply recommend to contact her in case of any questions concerning relocation or to get her hands on in organizing everything on-site.

Peter Badger & Karen Williams
5th Dimension Properties / Florida, Jan 2018

Christa is amazing. Well connected, experienced, smart, efficient, and provides an amazing service to help you get settled when moving to Valencia. Thanks Christa!

Abby van den Berg
Amsterdam, Dec 2017

Moving to another country meant knowing other rights that we had when looking for a rental place. Thanks to Christa we were very much comforted about the contract we received from the real estate agency and were able to add quite a lot of good input in the paperwork. It was so nice of her to take the time to meet with us when we just arrived in Valencia to inform us about the steps we had to take to actually become a rightful citizen and get ourselves registered in the chamber of commerce. Christa was always willing to answer our questions and came with lots of good advise and tips and tricks. Her knowledge of the law is impressive and very helpful! Cannot thank her enough!

Louise & James Brace
Daymer Ingredients Limited, May – July 2017

My husband and I have been visiting Valencia for 8 years and we consider ourselves reasonably familiar with the city. However relocating on a more permanent basis proved challenging as the housing stock for rent was moving fast, often with out-dated listings and incomplete information from the local estate agencies.
Working with Christa unlocked the impasses we faced, accelerating the sourcing of suitable accommodation . This was all in budget and to our desired availability. Christa was also invaluable in the transactional side of the move – providing translation and administrative services that saved us a lot of time and money.
Valencia is a wonderful city filled with amazing opportunities for families and individuals alike. Christa made moving here possible and we have had no hesitation in recommending her services to other friends also looking to make this fantastic positive life change we are now enjoying.

Brendon and Ellen Craigie
London, Nov 2016 – Jan 2017

Highly knowledgeable, proactive and fun to work with. Made our move to Spain relatively easy.

Phil Lynch
London, Jan / Feb 2017

Realising that I urgently needed some advice, translation and representation when I was renting a flat, I contacted moving2valencia. Christa was able to guide me through the process, adjust a couple of important elements of my rental contract and reassure me that my rental agents were a reputable company (not all of them are). She also made the task of acquiring the all-important NIE number an absolute breeze, arranging the appointments, completing the paperwork and navigating the ever-changing process with aplomb. On top of that I also got a bunch of helpful tips and advice.
Christa really went the extra mile helping me with my move to Valencia. I don’t often write testimonials but I would have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending moving2valencia; this is a business with deep local knowledge that provides an amazing and friendly service.

Patrick Power
London, July / Dec 2016, Jan 2017

We asked Christa to help us with several public administration problems in order to help us get settled in Valencia. We needed this as our Spanish is still very basic, the public systems can be complicated and our knowledge of how it all works here is non-existent. It’s a vulnerable position to be in and there’s no shortage out there of those angling to take advantage. Christa was very different.
She was wonderful. Empathetic, dependable, and professional, she was keen to solve every problem we encountered … and we had plenty of those. She’s a lovely person to deal with too and if she could bottle her attitude, intelligence and enthusiasm she could sell those worldwide.
I recommend her very warmly to anyone seeking relocation support. Look no further.

Rebecca Donnelly
London, June 2016

My husband and I contacted Christa for some support with our recent move to Valencia, as our Spanish is quite basic and we needed advice on the right processes to follow and also a reliable sounding board to check we weren’t doing anything stupid / crazy.
She has been invaluable support, helping us arrange numerous house viewings, negotiating with the inmobiliarias and guiding us through our contract. She also provided sound advice on the necessary steps to take to ensure all our admin is in order and make our move as smooth as possible.
As well as being a warm and friendly person, Christa was extremely reliable and knowledgeable, giving us the confidence to make decisions and providing reassurance during an exciting but potentially stressful time. Thank you Christa, for all the support in helping us make Valencia our home!

Julian Talbot & Cate Aichroy
Canberra / Australia, September 2015

Christa, Eline and Adrian helped us with our relocation from Australia to Valencia. We originally met via a Linkedin group but are very glad we did. They turned what would otherwise be a bureaucratic minefield and daily linguistic workout that should have left us exhausted at the end of each day into a delightful experience. When we landed in Valencia, we knew which school the children would be going to but that’s about it. Moving2Valencia helped us with the bureaucratic hurdles of residency, buying a car, finding a home and much more. Their detective work and negotiation skills on our behalf were so effective that it cost us less to use their services than it would have to do the job ourselves. And we’d assess that they probably saved us around two months in time for us to get set up here. Well worth the investment. And as a bonus, they are all lovely people to deal with with the highest levels of integrity and honesty. We suggest you just drop them an email and get to know them. Even before we met in person, they had answered dozens of questions (some we hadn’t even realised that we needed to ask!). Highly recommend that anyone seeking to relocate or do business in Valencia contact Moving2Valencia first.

Priska Cori
Switzerland, 2014-2015

Eline and Christa helped us finding our house by organizing two half-day trips visting different houses and by showing us different areas around Valencia. During these trips we received all kind of important information about the region and the different costs and formalities involved in a house purchase.
They were and are of great support with lots of ideas and advices and a great knowledge of the area and its habits. They helped me manage the house purchase from a distance, like getting a NIE number, bank account, finding a lawyer, insurance…etc.
I could contact them with whatever question I had, they always had a solution for me. I can strongly recommend their professional and reliable service and their amiability and straightforwardness. Thank you Eline and Christa!

Harry Meijer
January 2015

My wife and Myself moved from Hong Kong to Valencia. Got great help from Christa and Eline to kick start our settling-in process. Both girls were very helpful and knowledgeable. That we are all Dutch made it also fun to work together. You ain’t much if you ain’t Dutch and As the finishing touch God created the Dutch.
Helped is all. I can warmly recommend Moving2Valencia to anybody moving here.

Benedicte Huseby
Norway, November 2014

We contacted Christa since we don’t speak Spanish that well and we needed help with moving, and storing, our stuff. She was efficient and quick, thorough and very helpful. We couldn’t have done it without her. We tried before we got in touch with her, but all the estimates we got back from different movers were sky high, and we couldn’t afford them. Christa showed us different options and contacted different people that might be able to help us out. She’s a star!
Thank you for your help, Christa!

Sean & Nicola Western
Trinidad / Tobago, August 2014

We moved to Spain from Trinidad; Tobago in the Caribben in August 2014. We found Christa’s and Eline’s site and decided to go with them hoping for the best because you never know! They were professional, knowledgeable, trustworthy and reliable. They helped us with various relocation jobs telephone, internet, spanish tutor, car rental,auto escuela, Empadaron, bank, even ones they never did before like clearing some boxes of personal items from Customs that was a frustrating process for us, they sorted it out. We spoke little Spanish so we relied on them to represent us well and they exceeded our expectations. I would recommend them as people and their company to anyone. And if they don’t know they will find out for you! We consider them friends and have had them over for dinner! We wish them continued success!

Laurie Frank & Jeff Birnbaum
California, September 2014

We relocated from California to Valencia, and hired Moving2Valencia to help us figure out the process for obtaining residence cards, finding pre-schools for our daughter, and finding apartments. Both Christa and Eline were incredibly responsive, smart, and a pleasure to work with. They quickly pulled together lists of apartments and schools for us to consider, and went with us to visit the schools to help us translate. We felt like they were our advocates- they are both super nice but also willing to stand up to people and push back on our behalf when faced with the frequent Spanish bureaucracy. They know their way around Valencia in terms of knowing how things work and how to get things done, which saved us a lot of time. They knew how the public vs. private school system worked and how to find out availability in schools near us, they knew how the process worked for finding apartments, etc. Working with them definitely made our move here and ability to get settled so much smoother and less stressful.

Chris & Meridith Bihuniak
Kansas, USA, August 2013

moving2valencia made our move from the USA to Spain so much easier. Without their professional services, everything would have taken longer and been more stressful.

John Barr and Deb Davis
USA, May 2013

We used Christa & Eline for three days to learn about the Valencia area, real estate, culture, and things we would need to consider if we were to move to Valencia. We would highly recommend their services to help anyone who is considering moving to Valencia. They both were a joy with a wealth of information concerning their beautiful city. We would consider them friends in just the short time we got to spend with them. We have remained in contacted since our visit and we would use their services in the future. Highly recommended.